1.072 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation
1.072 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation

Paul green self-built 1.072 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project access scheme through expert assessment of power supply company

In February this year, Paul green. Use a period of 14400 m2 workshop roof, building a total installed capacity of 1.072 MW solar photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation demonstration project.

The solar cell phalanx by 6552 piece of GP180S - 24 / Ac series of components, components support the ats - 4 x 3 Ac structure form, namely each stent in 4 rows and three columns of installation, length of 192 m 39 sets of stent can be arranged, 14 wooden square public support 546 sets. Component square edge distance of 1.5 m, with 1.84 m between the maintenance of channels; Width is 72 m can install 14 square, square 1 m distance from the edge, component square front row spacing of 2.100 m, total area of the photovoltaic panels are: 8364.5 m2. 

The project compared with coal-fired power plants in the same capacity, can save power grid BiaoMei 534 t every year. Used in its economic service life of 25 years period, the photoelectric conversion efficiency attenuation factors into account, the photovoltaic power generation project total savings BiaoMei 13339 t. The photovoltaic power station compared with other traditional coal-fired power mode, the same power reduce the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions a year 127.8 t, 25 years carbon dioxide 3195 t. The annual output of the project: 1368057.6 kWh, according to the country for distributed photovoltaic subsidies of 0.42 yuan/degree, companies can get about 570000 yuan a year electricity subsidies.

The project in July for the municipal development and reform commission notice of the enterprise investment project for the record, in November for municipal power supply company access system scheme of the distributed photovoltaic projects project owner (user) confirmation form. Is expected to be complete by the end of the year grid. 

The issue of roof distributed power station of changzhou development and reform commission (NDRC) filings  Click to view
Jiangsu green bower photovoltaic materials co., LTD., a distributed photovoltaic power generation project declaration  Click to view

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