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In the spirit of "Green Power Green Life", Green Power has been dedicated to producing quality products ever since its inception. This dynamic and people-oriented company helps our staff to develop their skills. We also care about their spiritual and cultural development. We believe that the growth of our company and every employee is closely integrated.
In addition to the introduction of outside talents, the company also gives each employee room for promotion through training. We try our best to help our employees to improve their skills. We believe every employee is an asset to our company. To achieve sustainable development, it is crucial for a company to protect its talents.We will also strengthen team spirit. Development without the integrity of employees is bound to fail. 
We firmly believe that every employee will shine his/her light through hard work. 

Welcome to join us!
Responsibility ---- committed to ethical,   responsible behavior 
Excellence ---- achieve high productivity   and excellent results 
Innovation ---- to create sustainable value   and develop photovoltaic industry
Gather global talents in photovoltaic   industry 
Committed to breakthroughs and   innovation 
Give our customers a unique   competitive edge 
Help our society to face major   challenges
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